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[Fic - Star Wars] Lessons Learned

Title: Lessons Learned
Fandom/Pairing: Star Wars - Obi-Wan Kenobi & Queen (Padme) Amidala & Qui-Gon Jinn
Rating: K/G
Author: [info]onyxexistance / [info]openmoments
Spoilers: N/A
Disclaimers: Do not own. Star Wars belongs to George Lucas and this is written with no money making intentions.
Author's Notes: Once again for [info]albumsontheside because she always complains about the lack of gen. Don't know if I got it right or not.....but! Comment and let me know what you think!

     Jedi are selfless. They think of others above and before themselves. They are not individuals. They are, instead, extensions of the ever living, moving, being Force.
     Except he's not. He's arrogant. The fact that he knows this is slightly redeeming, but not enough for Qui-Gon to ignore it. He knows that he's lucky (if he believed in luck) to have Qui-Gon as his Master.  No, he's not one of the greatest Jedis in the whole scheme of great Jedi, but to him, to Obi-Wan, he's one of the greatest Jedis he'll ever know.
     So, they now have Jar-Jar, the more-than-slightly-clumsy-GunGUn and Anakin who-just-might-be-the-Chosen-One Skywalker. It takes him awhile, but not as long if he hadn't all of a sudden become a Knight, a Master, but he's less arrogant.
      He blames the Queen. Or really, the former Queen. If she wasn't so damned good and influential, and completely in love with his Padawan, he might still be the proud, arrogant young man on Tatooine who sneered at 'lower life forms'.
       Politics are ugly things and he's never liked them. Ever. But the Queen, Queen Amidala has brought a new light to the dirty game for him. She cares. He can see (as he's seen for years) the way her eyes flash at injustice, her forehead creases when there's something that has to be done for someone else, how she smiles at everyone.
       She was the most powerful person on her planet and yet...
       And yet, she put those with no power ahead of herself.
      As a Jedi, he should have done that automatically, as if he were breathing.  Of course, you don't dwell on the past because it won't change anything and as he reflects(something he's always just done) on what he has, he thanks the Force.
     Even a Jedi has to learn from others, and Padme Skywalker Amidala, one of the people he knows he'll die to protect because of what she means to him, has taught him well.
Tags: author: openmoments, character: obi-wan kenobi, character: queen padme amidala, character: qui-gon jinn, genre: character study, genre: drabble, genre: gen

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