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    I welcome you all to there_is_n0_try  and am glad you joined. As time goes on and things get more solidified and we have some fan works coming in, I'll get into the tagging areas and such.  Right now I'll be doing the easier ones: ships, rating, genres, etc. The more complicated stuff I'll deal with once they come along.
    If there's anyone who would like to help me Mod this community, drop a comment to this post. I'll only need one right now, but if once we get more members, I'll probably ask for two or so more.
    Right now I'm working on trying to find a layout for the community, as well as getting the moodtheme up. I almost had it last time and computer died. ;_; It was sad.
    And remember: if you know anyone who's into Star Wars. Likes writing fanfic, making fanmixes (those would be awesome to have!), does icons, desktops, banners, anything like that. Who looks up dates for new books, or reads the books a lot, any of that, invite them over! It will be nice to have a large variety of people here to share what they have of Star Wars!

    So, off to wrangle with the moodtheme! And if any of you don't like it (like, dispise it) let me know and I'll try to find other ones for you to look at. ^^

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